Weird Portland Pub Tour

Stories of Bigfoot, UFOs, Wacky Bike Rides, Explosions and more! 
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 Join us on this walking pub tour and discover the weirdest things about Portland, Oregon. Have you heard about the guy who rides a unicycle around playing a bagpipe with flames shooting out of it? Or how about the farmers who snapped a photo of a UFO?
YOU HAVEN’T? This tour is for you!


In Portland we LOVE to be different, unique, weird and wacky. People are encouraged to let their freak flag fly, wear whatever they want and be themselves. We’ve got stories of Portland’s weirdest gatherings and locals who do unbelievable things – from hijacking airplanes to creating a museum of oddities and searching for Bigfoot.
If you’re visiting Portland and want to see the city from a local’s perspective, we’ve got you covered.  Outside of the busy downtown area this tour is located in one of the cities vibrant neighborhoods. We visit quirky, unique local bars where natives have been going for years. You’ll experience tried and true local favorites. 
The tour starts at Rogue Eastside Pub + Brewery and includes 1 full beer at the first stop. Drinks can be purchased at additional stops if you’d like. Your tour guide is an expert on local Portland legends, culture and the weirdness that makes the city tick.
  • 3 funky local neighborhood bars
  • Includes 1 beer
  • 2.5  – 3 hours 
  • $33 per person + booking fee
  • 7PM Friday, 5PM Saturday + Sunday  
  • *Advanced tickets required!


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  • Tour operates all year round. Note special dates and times during peak months and holidays.

Tour Starting Point

Starting location - Rogue Pub