Portland Beer Walking Tours with BeerQuest

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We take the concept of “time off” seriously! Whether you’re on vacation exploring a new city or are looking for a unique staycation to shake things up at home, BeerQuest Walking Tours would like to host you on a memorable experience.

We focus on entertainment and taking care of the details while you’re off the clock. On our tours, you’ll taste award-winning beer, learn the craft of brewing from expert local guides, and explore Portland’s wicked past of infamous characters and vices.

Sample a vibrant beer culture on our Brewery Tour or jump on the Haunted Pub or Criminal Masterminds tours to uncover a mysterious past through historic bars and an underground tunnel system. No matter your quest, we aim to provide you with the most exciting entertainment on foot.

You must do this tour if you LOVE ghost stories, history , Portland and craft beer. Our tour guide Jessie was awesome. I been to Portland twice and this time two of my buddies came along and they enjoyed hearing the lurid past of Portland.

Reviewed by Combatchinchill... c

Overall, I highly recommend this tour and this company. I would love to do another beer tour with them when we come back.

Reviewed by Andy A

Our guide, Debbie was awesome! She told us all about Portland’s dark past, which I had no idea about prior to this tour. Very interesting! I’d recommend this to anyone. Wear comfy shoes and get ready for some of the best beer ever 🙂

Reviewed by emsee1989

Miles our tour guide was AMAZING!!! Great history of Portland loved the Cigar room at Kells Pub!! I would do this again!

Reviewed by Jen D